Growing Ixia



Where to grow your ixia

They grow especially well when planted under roof overhangs or tall trees, this restricts water while still allowing the full sun conditions that these plants prefer.


When to plant them

Plant them in spring for summer flower, summer for late autumn flowers or autumn for blooms the following spring. However, they will revert to their spring flowering preference after their first bloom.


How to plant your bulbs

As a general rule with all perennial bulbs plant them 3x their width deep. Ixia grow quite tall given how small their bulbs are so it’s recommended to plant them a little bit deeper. Plant the bulbs 8-10cm deep in free draining, fertile soil. Wet and boggy soil will hinder their growth. Plant the bulbs 7cm apart. If planting in pots you can get away with planting much closer.

The pointy end of the bulb should be facing up. However, they will grow whatever way you plant them if you can't distinguish up from down.

After planting, water the soil well to settle the bulbs and leave until you see growth above the soil.


Caring for your plants

Ixia require little attention once established and will readily naturalise and spread over the years. A supporting stake in exposed areas might be needed but they do hold up rather well. Water sparingly when shoots appear and a liquid feed high in potash during flowering will extend the blooming period. Tomato feed is ideal.


Lifting and storage

Ixia are hardy throughout most of the UK apart from windy inland valleys, at altitude or exposed northerly locations. They will survive frosts as low as -10c so many gardeners do not lift them.


Propagating Ixia

Bulbs will multiply under the soil so propagating by division is as simple as lifting dormant bulbs and separating the clumps. Seeds from the flowers should be sown in autumn to overwinter for spring. This can take a few years to produce flower producing sized bulbs but it is an easy and lazy way to get more flowers if you don’t mind the wait.

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