Planting Crocus


  • Before the ground freezes in the autumn, crocus bulbs can be planted almost anywhere.


  • Ideally, plant crocus corms 6 to 8 weeks before a hard frost is expected and when soils are below 16°C. This is usually between September and November.


  • Make sure the soil drains well, crocus bulbs can rot in soggy ground.


  • Before planting, work in organic matter such as compost, peat, or something like shredded leaves to a depth of at least 6 inches.


  • Plant crocus corms 3 to 4 inches deep (with the pointy end up). After planting, water well.


  • Consider planting crocuses in lawns and meadows where they can form carpets, or mass them in the front of flower beds along the edge.



  • Apply a balanced fertilizer in early autumn, spring can be short and the days heat up fast.


  • Through the autumn, keep crocus beds watered if weather gets dry, but do not waterlog the soil.


  • If you have crocuses growing in your lawn in mid-Spring, don’t mow until their leaves have died down, they need their foliage to photosynthesise energy back into the bulb.


Pests & Diseases

  • Mice, voles, and squirrels may feed on the your crocus. If they are a problem, consider planting crocuses in buried wire cages.

  • Birds sometimes pick off the flowers.

  • Corms in storage are prone to rot and mould if kept too moist.

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