Planting And Caring For Your Narcissi

Daffodil bulbs will not survive in soils that are wet, avoid low-lying areas where water gathers or where the snow is late to melt in spring. Plant bulbs at a depth 3 times their height and 3–4″ apart.

The best time to fertilise is in the autumn, when the bulbs are sending out new roots. The next best time to fertilise is in early spring, just as the Daffodil's foliage begins to push through the soil. We recommend using a granular slow-release fertilizer formulated especially for bulbs.

Few if any pests bother daffodils. The bulbs and foliage are poisonous to most insects and animals, including deer and voles. If you see vertical streaks in the Daffodil leaves, dig up the bulb and discard (not in the compost heap as it may be infected with a virus) Watch any surrounding daffodils for symptoms as disease is spread by contact.

Daffodils require little care in early spring but water if it has been dry. Deadhead as necessary. Daffodils are perfect to cut for the vase, simply cut them at the base of their stem with clean sharp shears as soon as the flower bud is about to open.




Propagate via seed collection after flowering or by division of the bulbs once they are dormant.