Cabbage 'January King Extra Late' - 100 Seeds

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  • Cabbage is undoubtedly the king of the vegetable patch. With it's unique taste it has been a staple on our plates since time immemorial. Cabbage is also jam packed with healthy nutrients too; rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, K, carotenoids, anti-oxidative lutein, gives cabbage its anti-inflammatory and emollient properties
  • Cabbage 'January King Extra Late is a later variety of January King, It is a hardy winter cabbage that not even severest of frosts seem to bother. The heads are crisp and crunchy with good flavour
  • Introduced in 1867, this large autumn variety will stand into the new year
  • Easy to grow, even easier to look after once established. Keep weed free and this variety will look after itself until harvest

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