Faraday - 35 Seeds - Dwarf French Beans

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A must for any keen bean grower!


  • Faraday is one of the best, if not the best new Dwarf French Bean to become available for some time. It produces excellent uniform pencil pods which are 6-8mm in diameter and13-15cm (5-6") long. the pods are straight, neat and good in colour. This new variety really is a must for any keen bean grower
  • They grow to about 60 cm tall and are tender, especially in late Spring and early Summer.
  • Typical of all other dwarf beans, production tends to peter out quicker than they do with climbing beans. But that is easily sorted – just sow a second crop about 3 or 4 weeks after the first
  • This family of beans is frost tender and cannot be sown directly outside until the weather has warmed up

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