Hedgehog Box - A Great Home For Our Garden Residents

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The hedgehog is the most easily recognised of British mammals yet they are steadily disappearing from the wild. As its name suggests it spends the day sleeping in hedgerows or under shrubs.

They are safest when they find themselves in our commonly enclosed gardens, help them out


  • 🔏 SAFE & SECURE: The lid is secured with two latches meaning predators like foxes cant access the box.
  • 🔏 DUAL CHAMBERED: A seperate room inside gives further added protection
  • 💎 PREMIUM QUALITY - Constructed from hardwood ply with a fully waterproof overhanging roof ensuring they stay dry whilst taking up residence in this box.
  • 🛠️ BUILT TO LAST - Built with guidance from The Woodland Trust, an independent charity that ensures this box is suitable for comfortable hedgehog habitation.
  • 💧 Raised from the ground so the base stays dry, ensuring your residents stay dry!
  • 🚿 EASY ACCESS FOR CLEANING. Hedgehog boxes don't usually need cleaning, they are great housekeepers. But after a few years it might need a spruce up. The removable lid ensures you can clean it if and when needed, it also allows for inspection of your new residents!

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