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Insect House

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Our gardens can be a huge ecosystem of wildlife whether you have a small yard or a large pasture. Some species are struggling but we can all do our bit to help out. The right type of bugs can be a gardeners best friend!

Solitary Bees

Smaller than the well known bumblebee, solitary bees as the name suggests live alone and are very diverse. Out of the 270 species of bee in the UK, around 250 are solitary!

They are very important pollinators so by providing them with a safe home we are doing our bit for a species in sharp decline and very much in need of our help.


Ladybirds & Other Beetles

With a voracious appetite for aphids and small insect, they are a gardener's best friend by keeping pesky bugs at bay. During winter they will hibernate in dark crevices before coming out in April to look for a mate. They will want to lay their eggs somewhere safe away that is away from larger predators.

Butterflies & Moths

They are some of the most beautiful visitors to our garden and play an important part in pollination. If we can provide them with food, shade and shelter then we they will gladly enjoy our company.

If we are really lucky we will see their full lifecycle if they stay and breed. 

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