Nesting Box - Perfect For Sparrows, Tits, Nuthatches

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Providing nest boxes for birds in your garden is a great way to attract different species of birds, plus it is fun and very rewarding to watch the whole process of birds first taking the box, building their nest, feeding their young, then the young emerging for the very first time.

Find the right bird-friendly spot for your box

The bird box should face between the north and east providing greater protection from the wind and rain but also, away from direct sunlight. Never place a bird box in a south-facing direction. If the box is in direct sunlight, it will become too hot and the young birds may die. Your nest box comes with an easy hanging ring. Don't use a copper nail if you are hanging it from a tree.




Do you clean out bird boxes?

Some breeds of birds do the housework themselves; others simply build on top of the last tenant's nest. Eventually this could lead to their chicks being exposed to predators by being too close to the entrance hole. 

Whether you decide to clean your nest box ready for its new family after the previous one has left is up to you, they are accessed with easy to remove screws under the base.

Have a look at this guide for maintaining your box

These nest boxes are made from recycled heat-treated pallet wood that are only painted on the exterior. 

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