The Sutton - Autumn or Spring Planting Broad Beans - 35 Seeds

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Best Green Seeded Variety for Containers!

  • Broad Bean The Sutton is a gardeners old favourite variety as it is reliable and produces plenty of pods filled with 5-6 lovely nutty tasting white broad beans
  • Broad Bean The Sutton is an excellent dwarf variety and as it only reaches a height of 45cm it is particularly suitable for windy sites & for growing in pots/containers. An excellent productive dwarf Broad Bean for those where space is at a premium.
  • If growing over winter, cover plants with a cloche during the very worst weather to prevent damage
  • Broad beans 'fix' nitrogen from the air, so cut spent plants off at ground level and leave roots to rot back into the ground to release nitrogen for next year's crops

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