Witkiem Manita - Autumn or Spring Planting Broad Beans - 35 Seeds

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Best for Late Sowing!

  • An ideal rescue plant if you’ve forgotten to sow your broad beans, can be planted a s late as May! These also overwinter very well.
  • The beans have a high tannin content, giving them a particularly good taste
  • Sow direct 5cm deep and 10cm apart into well-drained soil in a sunny spot. Protect from mice and slugs. If growing over winter, cover plants with a cloche during the very worst weather to prevent damage
  • Support loosely with canes and string once they reach 15cm tall and pinch out the tops to prevent blackfly. Broad beans 'fix' nitrogen from the air, so cut spent plants off at ground level and leave roots to rot back into the ground to release nitrogen for next year's crops

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