National Eat Your Vegetables Day

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National Eat Your Vegetables Day is celebrated each year on the 17th of June. We celebrate it in June as this is when our late spring crops are ready for harvest. The day is celebrated to create an awareness of the nutritional benefits of the humble vegetable.


History of National Eat Your Vegetables Day

The exact origins of National Eat Your Vegetables Day are unknown but the history of vegetables starts with the history of mankind itself. We have consumed vegetables since our hunter gatherer beginnings.

After having to travel further and further to get specific vegetables, we started cultivating vegetables closer to home. Even our first currency was vegetables; people started buying vegetables from others in return for their own crops.


How to Celebrate National Eat Your Vegetables Day

We can start with buying vegetables from a local supplier.

Nowadays, independent greengrocers are few and far between but there are many farm shops up and down the country. Many local butchers sell fresh locally grown veg. They come in every colour of the rainbow with almost every believable shape and size.

The best option would be to grow your own, it's far cheaper and you've never really appreciated the taste of a vegetable until you've eaten it straight from the garden.

We have plenty of easy how to guides so there's no excuse!



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